Digital Business Newsletter Edition 20

Moving closer towards Christmas and the end of the year new Micro-Trends are giving an outlook at what to expect in 2010. The Text 2.0 prototype application – once installed in all e-readers and notebooks – will enable intelligent reading. Moreover from now on paid content can be distributed via freely available iPhone-Apps. As every […]

Digital Business Newsletter Edition 19

With the clock-change coming up on Sunday, we would like to help you stay ahead of time. Micro-trends appear in the limelight and impress you with an outstanding performance of real innovation. From our 300 micro trends, that we identify every month we offer you a small selection of 5 micro-trends in our monthly newsletter. […]

Digital Business Newsletter Edition 18

On September 27th, Germany is electing its new Federal Parliament. We vote future! So we have already chosen the best five digital business Micro-Trends of the month. There is for example the British weekly magazine “The Economist” which is now offering its readers a single copy purchase. Moreover we present an automatic kiosk from the […]

Digital Business Newsletter Edition 17

Out of our 300 micro-trends this month, we have compiled a relevant overview of five smart digital business cases we discovered. There is for example which enables shoppers to consult their friends via social media platforms before actually ordering a product online. Moreover has taken it to the next level. Users of the […]

Digital Business Newsletter Edition 16

On time with the annual summer sale in stores, this month the Digital Business Trend Preview takes a close look at new and exciting shopping solutions. There is for example the social shopping room which enables you to get real-time feedback on your outfit. The German based company WOABI enables users to check product prices […]

Digital Business Newsletter Edition 15

„A crisis is, when the old is dead and the new cannot be born“! With these words the Italian politician Antonio Gramsci described already in the 19th century, what we all are facing today: an economic crisis expresses itself at most in the inability to give birth to innovations and new ideas. That’s why we […]

Digital Business Newsletter Edition 14

As we are about to conclude the first half of this year, outlooks for the worldwide economy and markets seem to get better every day. We are delighted to present you another Digital Business Trend Preview issue filled with worldwide innovations, which can be seen as proof of this development. This month you will find […]

Digital Business Newsletter Edition 13

Spring has arrived with a hand full of exciting innovations from all over the world. This month, we see innovations enabling totally new transaction services. The TV will become a new sales channel and the iPhone next credit card terminal. Also the phone, as a good old direct sales channel, is constantly popping up with […]

Digital Business Newsletter Edition 12

After pausing a little while with our Digital Business Newsletter, we are now back on track, with even more exciting innovations from all around the globe. These range from a musician who invented an extraordinarily creative pricing model for music purchases to an applications store which will allow you to customize the dashboard of your […]