Trendscout: Cecile Cremer

Heute stellen wir Ihnen eine unserer Trendscouts vor: Cecile aus den Niederlanden. Welcome on board!

“Hi, I am Cecile, a trend researcher and creative strategist with the wanderlust of a Cosmopolitan.

Scanning the world, searching for those little weak signals that tell us things are changing, is what I do best. I aspire to be the voice of the ever-changing needs of nowadays consumers on one hand and I want to help companies answering these needs by changing their strategy to be ahead of the future on the other. I do believe the future is ours and we are responsible for making the best out of it.

I was born in a little village in the South of the Netherlands and after wandering the world for a bit I settled down at the Academy for Creative Industries in Tilburg where I studied trend watching & concept development with a special focus on food, leisure and health. It was during my time at the academy that I learned about TRENDONE as we used a lot of their literature as study materials.

From that moment on I have my ultimate goal in professional life, “I am going to be a trend & innovation specialist at the best possible company there is some day”, and I won’t rest till I am. TRENDONE is one of the best and well-known future thinking agencies in Europe, and as I like to strive for the very best, this is what I am going to strive for. I tried and applied for a job but unfortunately at that point somebody else was better than me. I guess it is a sort of unspoken law that you won’t get your dream job right away, and maybe that is good for some reason.

So I wasn’t going to be a trend & innovation specialist at TRENDONE for now, and although that made me a bit sad, I wasn’t going to accept a simple no. So I wrote an email saying that I understood why they took the other person but that I wasn’t taking a complete “no” for an answer and that is when they offered me to become a Trendscout for TRENDONE. Now I can do what I do best, searching for faint little signals that indicate change and that will be used to help companies change. So in an indirect way I am doing what I aspire to do; “help companies and support consumer needs”.

In regard to scouting I prefer to work on special cases because of their sharp focus on a specific theme. Especially themes that are very clear related to consumer’s well being in any kind of way. Moreover, scouting keeps me sharp as a trend specialist, it challenges me to keep up to date, know it all and form a better insight of tomorrow’s world. Furthermore, it offers me the opportunity to work on my dream of becoming a trend specialist some day. Lastly I like to be part of the TRENDONE family in a sort of way as they are truly lovely and now the door is open for more.

Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious”. I like to think that I do have a special talent because I am passionately curious.


My passion regarding to trends is caused by enormous need to understand our world. Why do we do what we do, what do we do and what do we want. Moreover, I liked to only develop things that matter to others, and therefore you have to know what it is that others want. Because how can you increase someone’s quality of life if you do not even know what it is they seek for? Power is with the consumer nowadays and I love to see how our society is changing for the better as subjects like sharing economy, localization and soft tech are finding its way to us.

At the moment I work freelance through my own little future thinking company Wandering the Future, trying to get a lot of experience in the business by working with great people such as William Higham for the Next Big Thing in London, Cecile Poignant from Trend Tablet by Lidewij Edelkoort and many more. Some will call me a complete idiot, but I did reject several fulltime jobs now, as I do not believe they will push me in the right direction of becoming that great trend & innovation specialist.

Because I believe if your dream is big enough and your willpower strong enough you can achieve whatever you want. So next time you’ll see my name in a blog from TRENDONE I’ll promise you here and now, I’ll be one step closer to my goal.

Cecile Cremer