Neu im Team: Marisa, Information Designerin

Melanie Kremer, zuständig für TrendONEs Talente, führte ein kurzes Interview mit Marisa Charepe Dias, die uns ihre Arbeit als Information Designerin vorstellt.

Marisa, we are very happy to welcome you in our team. What are you doing at TrendONE? Can you please draw a picture? 


When did you first log in to the internet?

“Around 1999, my parents bought a noisy modem and through our phone line I was able to connect to the rest of the world. By that time somebody told me about mIRC, a platform where you were able to connect to some specific chatrooms. Because this was the beginning of all, you were advised to create a nickname and I came up with Goinha (a character from a book I just read), but it got so catchy that everybody started to call me that, even today my friends do.
Later on I adopted this name to identify myself over the Internet, I just think it makes sense.

Anyway, there I was, a 13 year old girl in front of the computer, chatting and discovering Punk Rock music, suffering patiently around 2 or 3 hours just to hear a new mp3 during one minute and a half.
It was exciting. I made many, many friends that I´m still in contact today.”

What do Graphic & Multimedia Design and Trend research have in common?

“Combining raw Data with Graphics (shapes, proportions, colors) results in a easy way of perceiving relationships between trends or even patterns matching. Our brain is much more effective and efficient when it perceives visually rather than analyzing numbers or tables. Besides that, it is faster, it only takes a blink to have direct access to knowledge and if we are dealing with big amounts of data, you can easily identify visually which are the changing values.”

Graphics are a valuable tool for the trend research process. Thanks a lot for these insights, Marisa!