We welcome our new trend scout: Jorge Freyre

Jorge Freyre was born in 1987 in Mexico, where he studied Industrial Design. After finishing
school he was quite unsure of what to do next so he went to Barcelona. He spent a short time as a
student and got into a Master of Sustainable Product Design at the IED. By learning about user centered design principles he first started to get into the world of user and trend research. Jorge is an incredible curious and stubborn person and sometimes he just obsesses in knowing about new stuff in every field he can get his eyes into.

After finishing studying he mounted a small design studio with the friends he meet in the Master after seeing they all ran into each other at the same job interviews. In defining their own work as product designers Jorge realized that he wanted to know more about research and how to apply it to product development and, slowly but surely, he began connecting dots about trend research, so he enrolled in a course in Coolhunting back at IED Barcelona. There he learned about how to conduct research and how does it works, and honestly he was just happy to put to good use all the information he always searched for.

That is when he met TrendONE and got fascinated by the fact that there it was all about trend research. He contacted us asking about our trend scout activities. Jorge looks for current trends especially in technology, new apps, product development and design. Right now he is still in Barcelona thinking where to go and looking for the next steps to take. Now that he just got a little taste about the interesting world of researching the future in trends.