Discovering what Innovation is made of// Consumer Insights

Was genau ist eine Innovation? Wie entstehen Trends und wie können sie in der Praxis eingesetzt werden? In ihrem Buch Road Trip to Innovation stellt Delia Dumitrescu, Trendanalystin bei TrendONE, die wichtigsten Begriffe der Trend- und Zukunftsforschung vor und gibt eine Übersicht der verschiedenen Methoden der Branche. In 4 Teilen möchten wir Ihnen Auszüge aus dem Buch vorstellen.


Back in university, when I was taught how to develop concepts for communicating a brand, I was told, among others, to ask myself some basic questions: If your brand were a person, would it be female or male? What eye and hair color would it have? Would it be phlegmatic or more of sanguine? What kind of story would it tell? What would be its favorite fairy tale? Would it be more of a beer or a wine drinker? And why? This brainstorming technique probably wasn’t called a consumer insights method but it had a few things in common with it. When you have to place a brand in a conversation it’s much easier to develop ideas when you think of the brand as a person. And this is not completely nuts. Nowadays, most consumers associate brands with human experiences and emotions. “It’s no longer about what the brand can do for you but about what you can do with the brand”, as says. As if it was your friend.

I don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach. But who does? It’s quite clear that consumers’ values change fast and along with them, their buying behavior changes. Today, people buy products not only for pragmatic reasons but, also for emotional ones. It happens to me all the time.

Brands already know all about this. They’ve realized that they need a comprehensible vision of what the consumer needs. Imagine if Henry Ford had asked people what they wanted, they would have said “faster horses”. So, this is why asking consumers as a standalone method is not a good idea but paired with trends and market insights, they make a hell of a good team.

Insights are unrevealed emotions. Finding insights means:

  •  grasping the inner nature of things intuitively
  •  having a clear and deep perception of the situation
  •  understanding a sudden and complex situation

It’s always tricky to quote Wikipedia but I found this person called Conroy that has an interesting statement about consumer insights. According to him or her (as I didn’t find any additional information about the person) an insight “is a statement based on a deep understanding of consumers’ attitudes and beliefs, which connect at an emotional level, provoking a clear response (This brand understands me! That is exactly how I feel! Even if they have never thought about it quite like that) which, when leveraged, has the power to change consumer behavior”

 Auszug aus “Road Trip to Innovation”, Kapitel “Scanning”, p.86-87

Warum ist es wichtig, sich mit Consumer Insights zu beschäftigen? Wie kann man mit Hilfe von Consumer Insights erfolgreiche Innovationen kreieren? Welche Ansätze gibt es, Consumer Insights in kreative Prozesse zu integrieren? Mit diesen und weiteren Fragen befasst sich Delia Dumitrescu auf den anschließenden Seiten. Werfen Sie hier einen Blick in das Buch!

Road Trip to Innovation – How I came to understand Future Thinking ist die Geschichte einer neugierigen Persönlichkeit, die sich auf einen Road Trip begibt, um herauszufinden, was Innovation wirklich bedeutet.

Delia Dumitrescu ist die Autorin des Buches. Mit unserer Unterstützung hat sie in ihrem Projekt viele spannende Interviews mit Unternehmen aus der Zukunfts-, Innovations- und Trendforschung realisiert. Ihre Erkenntnisse über angewandte Theorien und Methoden der Branche fasst sie in einer leicht verständlichen Sprache und anhand vieler farbiger Illustrationen zusammen.

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