Marketing Newsletter Issue 86

Our free Trend Preview features five creative micro-trends from a variety of categories. The latest issue of the Trendreport is available now and contains even more exciting innovations for your perusal.


The German company Vimedi has launched an online marketplace called “revvler” which combines e-commerce with social media. The users don’t just buy and sell things, but also get the chance to communicate with traders, get advice from them, ask for special offers and even bargain with them. A variety of communications tools, such as “Live Matching” and “revveln”, give the platform a social character, which was often missing in other auctioning sites. There are also plans to integrate videos, chats and other social networks.

With an advertising campaign known as “Nike’s Shred the Internet”, potential customers can now represent Nike in the social web. This campaign was developed in collaboration with the agency Behance, and brings the street into the web to allow anyone to skate along their favourite spots in the social web. The users turn into skating stars for Nike: with “The Sequence”, they can simply upload a photo of themselves and create a series of movements showing them in top skateboarding action. People can also perform a “Wall Ride” by attaching a code to the website address of Facebook or Twitter.

The agency Duval Guillaume has created a TV advert for the insurance company AXA, which uses a QR code to enable viewers to interact with the spot via their iPhones. During this “i-Mercial” for home insurance, an accident takes place inside somebody’s house. The ad pauses and invites viewers to scan the QR code on the house’s door. The story then continues on the phone’s screen and explains how the accident happened. The ad ends with a mention of the product and a download link for the new AXA application for the home insurance service.

The location-based social network Loopt has introduced a new service called “Reward Alerts” which can be used to offer people real-time deals in their local areas. The only condition required for receiving one of these “flash deals” is to update the mobile application available to the iPhone, the iPod Touch and Android-based devices. The “Rewards” button must also be activated. The deals on offer are always temporary, so that users have to react quickly. The amount of time available is determined by the various companies who make the offers in the first place.

To promote a special ski version of the VW Passat, the car maker’s Swedish branch recently launched a guerilla campaign in which they installed a billboard on a frozen lake. This special offer for the Passat lasts until the ice melts and the billboard sinks into the water. A competition on the company’s website also invites potential customers to guess the date when the lake promotion will finally come to an end.

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