Digital Business Newsletter Edition 13

Spring has arrived with a hand full of exciting innovations from all over the world. This month, we see innovations enabling totally new transaction services. The TV will become a new sales channel and the iPhone next credit card terminal. Also the phone, as a good old direct sales channel, is constantly popping up with innovations. Soon binding contracts can be done over the phone via a new service from Germany.

In Japan, some models in the Sony Bravia series come delivered with a remote control which can be used to make payments on a prepaid card or credit card. The remote control acts as an RFID- and card reader, so that it is no longer necessary to enter the card number or even use an additional device. You can use it to buy films, for example, from a video-on-demand service or one day even go shopping, simply by putting your card on the remote control.

With the iPhone application ProcessAway, it is possible to accept credit card payments all over the world. The application is ideal for salespeople who don’t have a fixed credit card terminal, such as on-site consultants or the so-called minipreneurs in the less industrialised countries. After entering the relevant data, the customer automatically receives the receipt via e-mail and the seller always has an overview of the transactions. To guarantee data security, the data are only stored on a server and never on the phone.

At the Tokyo Girls Collection fashion show “Sparkling Girls”, it was possible to buy the fashion items presented on the catwalk via mobile phone during the show. The direct e-commerce channel from Girlswalker was used to offer people the chance to check out the clothes over the phone and to select their sizes and colours. It all meant that customers don’t have to wait months before being able to buy the latest fashion from shops or mail order companies.

The “Product in the Picture” service from Pixazza has set itself the target of changing the face of online shopping. Once an organisation sets up a “publisher account”, it can use the Pixazza service so that all the pictures on its website are transformed into a shopping environment: when a customer moves his mouse over one of the pictures, product information and the price will appear, together with a link for the customer to go and purchase the product online.

The company orgAnice has developed the TeliNotar which can be used to enable legally valid and binding contracts to be concluded over the phone. Provided both parties agree, the calls are recorded and digitally signed. The parties to these calls first have to identify themselves and are then sent a recording of the call. This program will be particularly useful to call centres, allowing them make legally valid agreements directly over the phone.

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